Organic Plant Starts in Biodegradable Container


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Our Products

We grow our plants organically in the most environmentally friendly containers on the market.


This innovative transplanting pot is made from odor-free, 100% composted cow manure. Fully decomposable CowPots feature natural soil-conditioning fertilizers and can be planted directly into the soil to grow sturdier, healthier plants without adding plastic containers to your local landfill.

Root Pouch

Root Pouch plant pots used reclaimed plastic water bottles that would otherwise be sent to our landfills. Root Pouch plant pots are made of PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) derived from plastic bottles. This material is melted back to its original sterile liquid state then spun into fibers that are mixed with recycled cotton fibers, which degrade harmlessly over time. 

Root Pouch plant pots are more breathable and water-efficient, encouraging a more fibrous, dense root structure and preventing roots from circling. They also provide superior insulation, protecting plants against winter cold and summer heat.

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