Re-kindle the vital relationship between community, food and nature

Today’s modern agricultural system has shifted smaller scale, place-based, and diverse food systems to a global, mechanized one, distancing people from the sources of nutrition, disrupting communities, and obscuring awareness, understanding, and care. 

Yet, as consumer awareness rapidly increases and more people desire to know where their food comes from and who produced it, inclusive place-based food systems can provide reconnections amongst producers, consumers, community, and the more-than-human world.  

Honey Blossom Retreat Garden seeks to expand the potential of small-scale regenerative agriculture as an educational space for community-based farm tourism. We are devoted to serving our local community, growing and offering an inspirational environment for transformation and soulful restoration.  



Regenerative Land Management

Regenerative Land Management

Regenerative Land Management

Through a regenerative land management plan, we are dedicated to include permaculture design principles and ethics to  prevent erosion, mitigate the effects of drought and fire hazard, recharge ground water supplies, increase biodiversity and balance nutrient flow.


Collaborative Farming

Regenerative Land Management

Regenerative Land Management

We are committed to farming at a community scale to promote self-sufficiency, optimize the use of the land, diversify the crops and build culture and values. 

Our CSA and farm memberships are designed based on a collective model.  



Regenerative Land Management


We focus on establishing a diversity of micro-enterprises  with various local direct-marketing outlets to consistently grow restorative economies, ecologies, and communities including that of our natural resources and ecosystems: watersheds, soils, and forests.


About us

The Bonney family are long-time prominent members of the local business community with a strong reputation for integrity, commitment to client relations, and entrepreneurial spirit stemming from years of strong work ethic and well established relationships with many sectors of community life.

The Bonney family is launching collaborative efforts to bring forth the feasible and timely production phases at Honey Blossom Retreat Garden. They are committed to a sustainability philosophy and mission closely linked to the principles of “Slow Money,” an international organization cultivating “investments in real places, people, and local micro-enterprises - with the goal of growing healthy financial returns by cultivating resilient and regenerative local economies.” 


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